Milanosesto is the biggest urban regeneration project in Europe. It is focused on dismissed industrial areas: Sesto San Giovanni’s ex Falck.

The project, drafted by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, foresees the requalification of a 1 million and 400 thousand square meters wide area. The key element will be the Città della Salute e della Ricerca (City of Health and Research) and the 450,000 sq. meters wide public park, surrounded by residential, commercial and office buildings, along with community centers and sports clubs, schools, care institutions and service facilities.

United in the ex Falck area is in charge of:

  • Environmental compliance, Legality, Safety and Security during works stoppage, clean-up and construction.
  • Implementation and management of security technology during works.
  • Urban Security project.
  • Facility Management.
  • Development of technology for the residential area