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Safety Security & Compliance

United Risk Management S.p.A. is the Italian leader in the field of security, safety and compliance of the redevelopment, management and real estate development activities. Its integrated safety and risk management system is based on a proprietary methodology that integrates consulting services, investigative activities and the use of the most modern technologies aiming to prevent the risks of crime in all its expressions.

It is provided with a supervisory institute and a UNI 10891:2000 certified 24/7 operational centre.

Available to Italian and international clients, a team of highly specialized professionals managing and coordinating the monitoring phases, a staff ready to intervene in the event of an emergency in terms of safety and to manage alerts in real time along with the use of the most appropriate troubleshooting measures.

United’s Mission is to protect our customers by supplying them with ethical and legal solutions.


Design, implementation and monitoring by qualified teams of Environmental Protection Leg. Decree 152/06, on site Safety Leg. Decree 81/08, Privacy Leg. Decree 196/03, Administrative Liability of Entities for Crimes Leg. Decree 231/01, Security and Code of Conduct (Organised Crime, Environment, Safety, Integrity of Work Relationships).


Through the company United Consulting, specialized engineering services dedicated to the real estate sector (real estate developers, investment funds, real estate asset managers, architects, designers, construction companies): systems andsolutions insustainability, building services, health & safety, structural engineering, fire engineering, acoustic, light and visual environment.

Strategic Urban Consultancy

In the urban sphere, Security is a collective value, an indispensable element to base the social and economic activities of the Cities. U.lab, a group company, is specialized in urban renovation with targeted solution for security and degradation issues. Well-being and Urban Security, Urban Regeneration and Smart-living.


Authorized by the Italian Administration to conduct Private Security Ex Art. 134 T.U.L.P.S (Testo Unico delle Leggi di Pubblica Sicurezza): security services coordinated by the H24 Operation Centre certified according to UNI 10891:2000 with dedicated professionals and excellent resources to monitor, guard to intervene in case of Safety/Security emergency, to manage alerts in real time and to adopt the most appropriate measures to solve the problem.


Design, production, installation and maintenance of Safety Systems (access control and fire protection) and Security (video surveillance and anti-intrusion) for corporate and residential market, coordinate H24 to the Operation Centre. Distributor of innovative technologies in the field of Cyber Security and Border Security.


Authorized by the Italian Administration to conduct private civil and criminal investigations: private investigation, corporate, commercial, insurance, asset. United is comprised of a highly professional team to prevent Environmental and Organized Crimes, through the proprietary software URKA (United Risk Analysis system for corporate crime prevention). Research activities of audio/video/data and critical analysis at the expense of personal and corporate privacy (environmental remediation, telephone, electronics, etc).

Our integrity management system is based on principles of Ethics and Legality in respect of people and environment


Quality is a starting point for us.
We have always supported it. It is the distinctive element of all our Services.
A starting point that we confirm every day, putting ourselves to the test with the demands of customers and the market and pushing the bar of our performance higher and higher.
United Risk Management Spa boasts specific System certification and has started the path to obtain in addition to the Quality certification also other different Management System certifications.

Document of our quality policy

System certifications

UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 – Quality management system: with the aim of ensuring consistency in the quality of its services and increasing the satisfaction of its customers.

UNI 10891:2000
Certified n° ISP V/139

ISO 9001:2015

Certificate n° 42780/22/S

United S.p.A.

Registered Office

Via Brera, 3 – 20121 Milano

Head Quarters

Viale Italia 230, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni, Milano

Tel. +39 02 94433620 Fax +39 02 94433699

e-mail: info@unitedrisk.eu

United Risk Management

Head Quarters

Viale Italia 230/232, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI)

Tel. + 39 02 94433620 Fax. + 39 02 94433699

e-mail: info@unitedrisk.eu

Registered Office

Via Brera 3, 20121 Milano

United Consulting

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Via Brera, 3 – 20121 Milano

Tel. +39 0294433620

e-mail: info@u-lab.it

United Risk Management Africa SA

35 Citè Teylium VDN, Dakar, Sènegal

Tel. + 221 33 867 78 78

e-mail: info@unitedrisk.sn

United Middle East Risk Management LLC

Abu Dhabi – U.A.E.

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