900-Novecento is a real estate development project designed by national and international expert operators in this sector. 900 is a Minneapolis Srl initiative, partially supported by a monetary fund managed by a leading American corporation.

The Architectural design was made by Piuarch, Eurotekna Spa took care of project management and Mazzi Spa handled the construction part.

One of the key factors that make Novecento a unique housing solution is the area where it is built. Situated on the southern part of the city center, just 3.3 Km away from the Duomo, Via Montegani 14 is in the very centre of a lively neighborhood.

United, in the Via Montegani construction site, manages:

  • Installation of security systems.
  • Supervision of the alarm system connected to the Operation Centre.
  • Emergency management.
  • Patrol system.