Sidief is the managing company of Banca d’Italia real estate assets. With about 9,000 real estate units (residential, commercial and offices, mainly located in Central South Italy) Sidief ranks among the Italian real estate leading companies. The chief mission of Sidief is a long-term management, protection and optimization of the important real estate it owns

In the context of façade restoration works within Galleria Umberto I of Naples, United for Sidief is involved in:

  • Interventions analysis aimed at Environmental Safety and Security as well at countering Organized Crime (SSSA).
  • Analysis of critical issues related to operational areas in the application of SSSA protection, preliminary identification of the technological and most suitable operating solutions to mitigate them.
  • Analysis of potential contractors and subcontractors based on URKA (United Risk Analysis system for corporate crime prevention) method.
  • Providing the necessary support, through the Safety Coordinator in the design phase, to draft the Security and Coordination Plan, and to estimate security costs.