United Group

United S.p.A. is an international experienced Italian company, dealing with planning implementation and urban areas regeneration.

The Group’s companies guarantee services and consultancy at every stage of its implementation: from conception to planning, from the site’s risk analysis to its management, from remote monitoring to on-site supervision, from the environmental regulation compliance control to realized safety management. Security, safety, legality, risk prevention, quality of life and enhancement of real estates are the objectives pursued. All risk aspects are analyzed by using a proprietary methodology that guarantees business continuity and project development thanks to cutting-edge technological solutions, as well as regulatory compliance and the highest ethical standards.

United Risk Management is a leading expert in the Real Estate Market. The company manages Safety Security and Compliance at all stages of Real Estate Development Processes, Property Management and Renovation.

United offers a blend of specialized expertise and professional competencies together with a common vision and objective: to build and launch an integrated safety system, based on thoroughly researched information and monitoring activities (prior and ongoing) in which rules, tests and monitoring are shared and applied to prevent violations of any kind during the process of real estate requalification, management and development.

United Consulting is an engineering company, with the primary objective to provide a higher level of consultancy in the field. Specializing in consulting, design and project management of plan systems, United Consulting is involved in projects of great level of both public and private nature.

In order to offere a service of integrated design while maintaining top levels of expertise and specializations, they created a team  structure divided in sectors: M&E – building services; Sustainable (Leed, Breeam, assessments); Acoustic, Health & Safety.

U.lab is a group company specialized in strategic urban consultancy.

Specialized in process of government of the area and in project development on urban-scale addressed in particular on the issues of urban security and well-being, including the use of the most modern communication and information technologies (ICTs) and typical applications of Smart Cities. It offers to the Real Estate operators and Public Administrations tools and solutions that can guide urban transformation processes and city governance towards sustainability and quality of life models.

United Risk Management Africa SA is headquartered in Dakar and carries out risk assessment, risk analysis, mitigation plans, security design, technological scouting and cyber security projects for the African market.

It deals with security at 360° implementing programs designed on the specific needs of both public and private organizations, construction sites or production sites, real estate projects, social housing and urban regeneration, to the interception of the needs of individual realities or people. It is able to support employers, families, real estate and property owners, both public and private organizations, from any continent, in particular from UEMOA (Union Economique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine).

United Middle East Risk Management LLC is headquartered in Abu Dhabi and offers an integrated consulting service for the management and organization of large events, in terms of security and safety.

It operates on the Middle East market with a methodology that ranges from initial risk assessment to the use of the most modern border and cyber security technologies. In constant dialogue with public authorities and private companies, it is a point of reference for important events such as Dubai Expo 2020.

Pasa Labs Srl has been following companies in the path of environmental respect by carrying out chemical, physical, biological and microbiological analyzes for about thirty years.

It prepares studies and projects, assures assistance in administrative paths for obtaining authorizations and certifications, it realizes Eco Audit and first and second level Due Diligence, and entrusts itself with tasks for conducting appraisals in the context of legal disputes and working management.

logo Flyted

Flyted S.r.l. is an innovative start-up that uses UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems, i.e. drones), satellites, sensors and topographic-grade technologies to carry out 3D surveys, inspections and monitoring.
It is a company specialized in the management and execution of operations in critical scenarios, with a proven track record of surveying and inspections on bridges, viaducts, radio towers and construction site areas. It returns geo-referenced digital twins, which allow you to carry out in-depth analyzes, both visual and structural, of the built (“As-Built”) or of the design and construction phases of a work. The data are managed and delivered on the “TED” digital platform, developed by Flyted based on previous experiences and on customer specifications, capable of making three-dimensional visualization, analyzes and technical-structural reports usable. Data delivery is certified by Blockchain notarization.

“United, before being a Group of companies, is a team of people that shares, in some cases even unconsciously, a value system that is reflected in internal and external relationship, from collaborators to customers.

Over time it has developed itself in a natural way through behaviors, choices and actions that all of us have taken on in a sort of involuntary syncretism of principles in which we recognize ourselves and which probably leads us instinctively.

This is to us the greatest asset and the basis on which I want to continue building, together with you, the future of our Group”

Carlo Mastrangelo

CEO United S.p.A.